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If you’re on the lookout for siding contractors or a sole siding contractor in St. Clair Shores, there are things you should consider at all times. From the licenses to the price range, you need to evaluate this list before you think of signing a contract or subcontract. Continue reading to know more about what to consider before hiring siding contractors.


These are valid criteria to consider when hiring a contractor. Before you think about hiring any siding contractor, evaluate your budget and their prices. Are their prices reasonable? and Do they align with your budget? 

Depending upon what your roofing needs are – be it roofing replacement or roof repair – questions such as do siding contractors have everything you’re looking for? Are their prices reliable? Will they run your credit? Do they ask for 50% first?  Are valid to make a choice.


Before hiring a siding contractor, you need licenses. This step is perhaps the most important one. Truth be told,  that’s what makes a siding contractor reliable as well. You need to know if they have the right permissions to do the siding repair you’re looking for. 


Along with their licenses, you need to know their experience. Depending upon the siding repair you’re looking for, does the siding contracting have the experience and necessary trajectory to ensure you get quality work? Check if they’ve done that type of work before. Check their years of experience or ask around, and evaluate if they’re capable of doing exactly what you want. 

Quality Material

Another vital step is to check for the material they’re working with. If you’re paying for a siding repair, you need to know which material they’re working with and the quality of the material you want them to work with. 

If you’re a contractor hiring a siding contractor or contractors, you need certifications. Are their materials certified? Which standard do their materials have? Are the materials tried before? What makes that material so reliable?

Reviews & Testimonials

Last but not least, you need to check their reviews and testimonials. If they have a website, check those statements. Have they helped someone else before? How are their customer satisfaction ratings? Ensuring this will also help you know how fast they work and how well they’re able to deliver.

Hire Reliable Siding Contractors

If you’re from St. Clair Shores and looking for a siding contractor, look no further! At HDM Builders, we can handle any siding repair you may want or need. Our vast experience allows us to be great siding contractors in the game and to bring you the best service ever.