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If you’re from St. Clair Shores, there is one company to consider for all your roofing services and siding services: HDM Builders. By hiring us, we guarantee the vast experience and commitment to serve you to the best of our abilities. Choosing us means choosing the highest-quality services in St. Clair Shores. 




Who’s HDM Builders?

At HDM Builders, we are a roofing company based and founded in Detroit, but we’ve extended our services to St. Clair Shores. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing services. Our motto is to give you excellence and go above and beyond for your roof.


Our Services

Our roofing and siding services extend to many areas, such as the following:


Roof Repair

Our roof repair services are unlike any other. We will perform thorough inspections with this outstanding service and determine what must be done: replacement or repair. Regardless, at HDM Builders, we can assess your roof and figure out what fixes are required.


Roof Replacement

By letting us – HDM Builders – handle your roof replacement in St. Clair Shores, you will increase your home’s value. Replacing your roof is an excellent and cost-efficient option when too many repairs are needed. When you decide to work with HDM Builders, both long-term results and quality come with our work.


Metal Roofs

If installed accordingly and maintained adequately, metal roofing can and will last as long as your property. The metal material is known for sealing water, enduring extreme weather conditions, and effectively shedding extra weight from snow. By getting this service from us, you’ll be making an investment that lasts for decades to come. 


Shingle Roofing

As you’re probably aware, shingles are the most common and popular roofing material used on properties in the country. Shingles are available in different colors and styles to match your current aesthetic or the aesthetic you’d like to pursue. By letting HDM Builders help you, you choose what’s good for you and your home.


Flat Roofs

Last but not least, our most modern service: flat roofs. At HDM Builders, our roofing specialist can either help you replace or repair your flat roof, depending on the one you have. Our experts can provide you with advice if you’re unsure of what type of roof best fits your needs.


Choose Us & Get Outstanding Roofing Services

If you’re going to choose a roofing company in St. Clair Shores, make sure you choose a company that does it all in roofing, like HDM Builders. With our help, you get to have your roofing and siding services in one place. Your satisfaction is our top priority.