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In certain cases, a roof repair may be better when dealing with small roofing areas affected whereas a roof replacement, which may be best depending upon the season, and once your roof has reached its maximum life expectancy. 

Most of the time, one option is better than another which is why throughout this article, you’ll know which option may suit you best if you’re from St. Clair Shores and which option adapts to your roofing needs, as well as roofing services.

Consider What Your Roof Needs

Before choosing which option may suit your needs, you need to consider and evaluate a few things, the most important ones, however, are cost, life expectancy, and the extent of the damage. 

New Roof or Repair?

Repair v. Replace: Minor Damage

When it comes to minor damages, there is no need for a full replacement. However, you also must consider the life expectancy your roof has. Regardless, the best option is only a repair. 

Repair v. Replace: Medium Damage

In case of medium and bigger damage, the best option is to replace your roof and fix the damage entirely right away – meaning a complete tear-off and a new roof. 

Tips To Keep In Mind

Life Expectancy 

To know what’s better for your roof, you need to evaluate its life expectancy. Is it close to needing a roof repair or does it need an entire roof replacement as soon as possible?

In cases where the roof has reached its maximum life expectancy, it’s best to have a full replacement. However, if the problems are minimum minor repairs must be made, there’s no need for a roof replacement, only a repair. 

The Roof Shingle

For this tip to keep in mind, this is the most important section: your shingle. Most people don’t know that the type of shingle they have matters. 

Shingles determine how many repairs or replacements must be done and when they should be replaced or maintained. If you’re from St. Clair Shores, finding reliable roofers is a good idea to make sure that you get the best shingles. 

Extent Of Damage

The third option you must evaluate is the extent of the damage. If your roof has damage, be it small or large, what’s the best way to proceed? In cases of small and minor damage, the best to proceed is to a roof repair but if the damage has reached most places within the house, you should consider a full replacement. 


Once you’ve analyzed the life expectancy of your roof and all previous options such as the damage – minor or big – the cost is the most important decision you will make. Further decisions will depend upon your budget, so tracing a clear line between what you want and what you need is vital. 

Repair And Replace With St. Clair’s Experts 

If you’re from St. Clair Shores, HDM Builders can help you. We specialize in roofing services such as roofing replacement and roof repair. Our experts will handle your roof with the utmost delicacy depending on the issue you may have. 

Stop looking for roofing services in St. Clair Shores, we can and will fix your roofing problems. No problem is too big or too little for us to tackle. Ask for estimates.