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To repair or replace thy roof – This decision can have an impact on your overall cost-of-ownership of your home. Let us take you through the things to consider when choosing to repair or replace your roof. When considering repairs to your house, you want to make the most informed decision possible. You will want to look at all the options you have in order to choose what is the best move for you and your home.

Damaged or Warped Shingles
If your shingles are looking warped, cracked or brittle, you are most likely in need of a repair and possibly even a roof replacement. The sooner you catch it the less costly it will be to repair. For example, we may be able to repair a specific area of your roof to restore it back to a fully functional roof. It is best to have any noticeable damage inspected by a professional roofing contractor.

Missing Roof Shingles
If you have noticed missing shingles, you should get them repaired immediately, one small leak can cause an incredible amount of damage to the interior of your home. Sometimes leaks are hard to diagnose and you need to have an inspection from a knowledgeable and experienced roofing specialist.

Roof Leaks
Have you noticed any water leaks in your attic or the interior of your home? Roof leaks can come in at one part of your roof and run down to another part of the inside of your home. It is especially important to have these leaks properly diagnosed and quickly. It could be just a simple repair, but if not caught soon enough, it may become a much bigger and more costly problem.

Bald Spots on Roof
If you have noticed bald spots on your roof, this is a sign of wear and tear of your roofing materials. Due to all the harsh elements that your roof withstands on a regular basis. This weathering that occurs to your roofing material is one to pay close attention to. It needs to be inspected if there’s any chance of repairing it.

If you have any of the above mentioned signs, there’s no need to worry, not every time will you need to replace your roof. What we have found is that our clients who choose to have HDM Builders perform routine inspections and maintenance once yearly, have experienced the most cost savings to maintain their roof. If you think you need a roof replacement, contact us for a free estimate today. If you would like to start maintaining your roof and doing an annual inspection done, please contact us.